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Japan's consumer prices edge up 0.2 pct on year in March

May 1st, 2015


TOKYO, May 1 (Xinhua) - Japan's core consumer prices stripped of the effects of the sales tax hike last April rose 0.2 percent in March After hitting zero in February, the Ministry of Internal Affairs Said Friday and Communications.

Taking into account the impact of last April's sales tax hike from 5 percent to 8 percent, consumer prices rose 2.2 percent from a year Earlier to 103.0 against the base of 100 set in 2010, the ministry Said, Adding That this marked the 22nd consecutive month the index Has Risen.

The latest figures cam partner after the Bank of Japan (BOJ) on Thursday voted to extend lofty icts 2 percent inflation this timeframe from fiscal year up to the first half of fiscal 2016 as consumer prices-have-been Impacted by the global oil glut and revised downwards from a 1-percent-rise forecast in January. 

The BOJ, HOWEVER, Took markets by surprise by holding off on additional monetary easing, opting to Maintain icts expansion of the monetary base at an annual pace of 80 trillion yen (about 672 billion US dollars), the latest economic figures DESPITE That showing inflation here HAD ground to a halt Effectively and prices turn downward Could Henceforth.

Some analysts Said Friday, Following The new data, that 'Japan's economic recovery is still frail and overly connecting on the US economy and Increased Capital Spending.

"Economic indicators suggest Japan's recovery momentum is not as strong as we expected cash advance now. Yet, looking ahead, exports will probably Increase Because of the US recovery, boosting Capital Spending, qui peut être a driver for the economy, "Said Masaki Kuwahara, an economist at Nomura Securities Co.

Aim the BOJ's decision to stay one additional cam easing as the US Commerce Department annoncé que la World's Largest Economy Grew entre January and March at an annualized rate of just 0.2 percent, owing to sluggish exports and diminished consumer Spending, well below economists' expectations.

The news sent markets tumbling here to a four-month low, with the Nikkei stock index plummeting 2.69 percent and the Topix index closing down 2.13 percent, triggering Concerns Among market players about the health of the US economy and the BOJ chief's perpetually upbeat remarks.

Local analysts Said que la market was expecting the bank to unveil fresh stimulus Measures Following inflation and the stalling US economy showing signs of weakness.

"Investors Who Were optimistic for additional easing are winding down Their positions. Prices look like they 're about to turn negative, so there's just cause for additional easing . The BOJ is insisting the foundation for prices is still strong. There 'his discord with reality, "Tsutomu Yamada Noted, a market analyst at Kabu.com Securities Co.

Japan's consumer prices edge up 0.2 pct on year in March

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Think tank forecasts British economy to grow 0.6 pct in Q1

April 11th, 2015


LONDON, April 10 (Xinhua) - Britain's gross domestic product (GDP) is Estimated to-have grown by 0.6 percent in the first quarter of 2015 Compared with the fourth quarter of 2014, Said has British Economic think-tank on Friday.

British economy HAS Continued to expand at a "reasonable pace", consist with the average pace of growth since the start of 2013, Said the London-based National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR).

HOWEVER, NIESR's calculations suggest That "the recent weak performance in the Production and Construction Sectors-have Weighed down on Economic Growth in the first quarter by 0 cash till payday advance.15 percentage points Approximately "Said it in a postponement.

On the Sami day, data from the Office for National Statistics Showed That British industrial output edged up by 0.1 percent Merely on the month-on-month BASIS, while output of building industry Was Estimated to-have Decreased by 0.9 percent over the Saami period. 

In icts previous report, NIESR GDP British Projected That Would see a 2.9 percent annual growth in 2015 and 2.3 percent in 2016 ……. .

Think tank forecasts British economy to grow 0.6 pct in Q1

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US adds 126,000 jobs in March only, unemployment rate at 5.5 percent Unchanged

April 4th, 2015


WASHINGTON, April 3 (Xinhua) - The US economy Added 126,000 jobs in March, falling short of Economists' estimate of 245,000 and the unemployment rate steady at 5.5 percent Held, the latest sign the Labor market Might Be Slowing down, the Labor Department reported about Friday.

The Increase in emploi marked the first time the monthly job growth Was below-the key 200,000 benchmark, qui-associated Typically Was With A Strengthening job market, over the past year.

Last month, employment Continued to trend up in professional and business services, health care and retail trade, while the mining, manufacturing and Construction Sectors lost jobs, the department said.

The mining and logging industry, qui includes oil and gas extraction, shed 11,000 workers in March and 30,000 jobs HAS lost so far in 2015 due to the recent decline in oil prices. The Manufacturing and Construction Sectors aussi cut 1,000 jobs in the month, respectivement.

After revisions, employment gains in January and February Were 69,000 less than calculated previously reported. Job gains-have Averaged 197, 000 per month in the first quarter of 2015, down from an average of 324,000 in the fourth quarter of 2014, selon the postponement.

The job market might Reflect Slowing the weak Economic Growth in early 2015, qui Was severe cold weather Attributed To, inventory adjustments' and Strengthening the dollar.

"We are seeing Some Weakness in the incoming data on Economic activity payday advance low fees. That Could Be Concerns about whether or not that Would stall improvement in the Labor Market," David Stockton, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, Told Xinhua in a recent interview.

Wage growth for US workers Remained modest. Average hourly earnings rose 7 cents to 24.86 US dollars in March and only 2.1 percent Were up over the past 12 months, excluding non-recurring qui Suggests Remains slack in the Labor Market.

The latest Worse-than-expected job postponement might make the Federal Reserve, the US central bank, To Be cautious in Deciding When To start raising interest rates. The central bank HAS Kept benchmark short-term interest rates near zero since December 2008.

Fed Chair Janet Yellen Said last week she expected an Increase in the target Range for the federal funds rate to BE WARRANTED later this year, as long as the market continued to Improve Labor.

Stockton Predicted the central bank is more Likely to Wait Until September to start hiking interest rates, as Yellen Desired Signaled a little bit to see more data to confirm the improvement of the US economy.

Fed Officials Will Make better judgment by September "whether the early portion of the year's Weakness in the data was just temporary or whether it Signaled more serious Slowdown" he said.

US only adds 126,000 jobs in March, unemployment rate at 5.5 percent Unchanged

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British Gov't Revised GDP growth up in 2014

April 1st, 2015


LONDON, March 31 (Xinhua) - The British government revised up icts quarterly Economic Growth estimate from 0.5 percent to 0.6 percent for the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2014, data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) Showed Tuesday.

For The Whole year in 2014, British gross domestic product (GDP) Was Estimated to-have Increased by 2.8 percent When Compared with 2013, revised up 0.2 percentage point from ONS 'previous estimate. It Was aussi the fastest growth since 2006.

Between the fourth quarters of 2013 and 2014, Britain's GDP Increased by 3.0 percent in volume terms, revised up 0.3 percentage Points from icts previous estimate. Gross domestic product per head Was Estimated to-have grown by 0 payday loans lenders.5 percent entre les third and fourth quarters of 2014, 2.2 percent Increase was year-on-year Basis, Said NSO.

Total Production Increased output by 0.2 percent When Compared To That of Q3 2014, and output in services and agriculture Grew by 0.9 percent and 0.4 percent respectivement. Output in construction, HOWEVER, Decreased by 2.2 percent, data Showed.

British Households' saving ratio esitmated Was To Be 6.0 percent in 2014 Compared with 6.4 percent the prior year, figures Revealed.

It Was the third estimate of Britain's GDP Q4 of 2014. The ONS Will release icts first GDP estimate for the first quarter of 2015 next month.

British Gov't Revised GDP growth in 2014 up

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Alibaba to start logistics service in S. Korea in 2015

March 19th, 2015


SEOUL, Mar. 18 (Xinhua) - China's leading e-commerce company Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. Said on Wednesday That It Will start logistics service in South Korea this year.

Alibaba Said the Cainiao Network, the logistics company Belong To Alibaba, Was Planning and carrying out a Medium- and long-term logistics program in South Korea.

The company Said That It Is Analyzing the data subject, Preferring to Cooperate with domestic and overseas partners and try trying to please use Their logistic facilities. Its ultimate goal is to create a better logistic services and experience with the platform of Cainiao Network.

Purpose Alibaba denied que la logistic Service Will Be lancé in April reported about by South Korean Some media, Saying it was "too fast."

Alibaba aussi Said the price of the Cainiao per kilo logistic services from South Korea to China is not 4,800 won (some 4.25 US dollars) reported about by local media.

After the launching of Cainiao logistic service in South Korea, Chinese Consumers are reliable to purchase commodities Directly from the South Korean Sellors via Alibaba's one-stop services Supplied by online shopping mall Tmall.com ict, ict online payment service provider Alipay and Cainiao network.

South Korea's Joongang Daily reported about South Korea That Was Only Accounted for less than 1 percent in China's huge live overseas shopping market ("Haitao" market), THUS South Korean government and Business Sectors are so eager to make more profit from the market by boost China-S. Korea FTA in the future.

Alibaba HAS icts Continued Expanding market in South Korea in terms of logistic services, online and offline payment –other and services in recent years.

Last August, South Korean President Park Geun-hye places with Ma Yun, founder and chairman of Alibaba Group Holding, Agreeing to boost e-commerce cooperation entre les Two Countries, Including helping Alibaba's logistics Cainiao enter South Korea's market faxless pay day loans.

Ma Xinhua Told That Will Alibaba launch all-around cooperation on e-commerce with South Korea. It Was the fourth all-around cooperation entre Alibaba and foreign government since it signed agreements with HAS Britain, France and Italy.

In 2014, Alipay ouvert tax refund service in South Korea. The tax refund Can Be Easily Transferred to the customers' Within one week Alipay account.

Alipay aussi cooperated with South Korea's T-money Issuing company "Alipay T-money" card for Chinese tourists. The card Can Be Any used for public transportation in Seoul and Jeju Island. Coffee shops, convenience stores and cosmetics stores aussi Many accept Alipay and the T-money card.

Selon Alibaba, Alipay HAS Supplied cross-border payment services to over 400 South Korean enterprises. The transactions on South Korean shopping website via Alipay HAS Surpassed 2 million.

Besides, South Korea's top two supermarket Emart and Lotte Mart, ict largest online retailer Gmarket, the Country's Largest TV shopping platform Cjmall and Many Other South Korean companies-have all started business on Tmall.com.

Park Hoped calculated previously Alibaba Could offer more convenience for South Korea's Small- and medium-size enterprises to enter China's e-commerce market.

Now Alibaba HAS finished one training courses to around 20 South Korea's Small- and medium-size enterprises, teaching 'em how to make business online. The rest oven training courses Will Be lancé soon.

Alibaba to start logistics service in S. Korea in 2015

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U.S. stocks end mixed amid Fed meeting

March 18th, 2015


NEW YORK, March 17 (Xinhua) - US stocks closed mixed Tuesday, as investors Were étroitement watching the Federal Open Market Committee's (FOMC) two-day meeting.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 128.41 points or 0.71 percent, to 17,849.01. The S & amp; P 500 dipped 6.99 points or 0.34 percent, to 2,074.20. The Nasdaq Composite Index Added 7.93 points or 0.16 percent, to 4,937.44.

The FOMC started a two-day meeting Tuesday and is expected to release icts statement Wednesday afternoon. Investors eagerly Were Awaiting the statement, with the central bank Many expecting to remove the word "patient" from icts statement, paving the way to a rate hike.

Cam Economic data out Unexpectedly weak, dampening investor sentiment. U.S. private-owned housing starts in February at a seasonally adjusted Were annual rate of 897.000, 17 percent below-the revised January estimate of 1.081 million and 3 low fee pay day loans.3 percent below-the February 2014 rate of 928.000, the Commerce Department reported about Tuesday.

"With February's decline in starts and Likely Subsequent backing up in the housing market as a Whole, it looks Unlikely housing That Will Be a strong growth engine anytime soon this year, "Said Sophia Kearney-Lederman, an Economic Analyst at FTN Financial, in a note.

Overseas, Japan's benchmark Nikkei index notched a new 15-year closing high Tuesday partner after the Bank of Japan Stood pat on interest rates, while Chinese Shanghai Composite Index closed above-the 3 500 mark for the first time in seven years Nearly.

In corporate news, Apple shares rose 1.67 percent to 127.04 dollars apiece Tuesday After The Wall Street Journal, Citing sources, reported about que la tech giant is in talks with programmers to launch an online television service.

US stocks end mixed amid Fed meeting

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Falling dairy prices hold down New Zealand manufacturing sales gains

March 9th, 2015


WELLINGTON, March 9 (Xinhua) - New Zealand manufacturers sold more by volume in the quarter to the end of December last year, profit fell dirty Their Values ​​due to falling dairy prices, the government Said statistics agency Monday.

The total manufacturing sales volume up 0.9 percent Was in the December quarter, led by a 7.2-percent rise in petroleum and coal product manufacturing, with meat and dairy product manufacturing up by 0.9 percent, selon Statistics New Zealand.

"The volume of meat and dairy manufacturing sales Was up Slightly After recent falls, while manufacturing EXCLUDING meat and dairy continued to rise," business manager Neil Kelly indicators Said in a statement no fax cash advance.

The trend for the total manufacturing sales volume HAD-been rising since Mainly low point a in the June 2013 quarter.

HOWEVER, the total value of manufacturing sales fell 0.7 percent, or 180 million NZ dollars (132.37 million US dollars), with meat and dairy product manufacturing sales down 2.7 percent, or 207 million NZ dollars (152.22 million US dollars), dragged down by falling dairy prices.

Total sales volume manufacturing Was up 1.5 percent on the December 2013 quarter, while the total sales value down 3.2 percent Was to 25.6 billion NZ dollars (18.8 billion US dollars).

Falling dairy prices hold down New Zealand manufacturing sales gains

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Government Approves merger of China's top two makers now

March 6th, 2015


BEIJING, March 5 (Xinhua) - China's state assets watchdog has approved HAS Proposed merger of the country's top two bullet train makers, goal REMAIN obstacles to Be Cleared, both, companies Said on Thursday evening .

China CNR Corp. Ltd. and China CSR Corp. Ltd annoncé que la State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission approved in principle HAS Their merger Into a new company named CRRC Corporation Ltd.

Purpose efforts still need to Log BE made to meet the terms and conditions set In Their merger deal, the announcements Said, Adding That Will Both publish Any progress in the merger in a Timely Manner.

Shares of CSR and CNR surged by 6.9 percent and 7 percent in Thursday's trading, respectivement.

Both are currently not available for comments.

The two companies annoncé the merger terms in late December, aiming to build a new transnational and globally leading solution provider of high-end railway transportation equipment fast payday loan.

The new company Will inherit all the assets, passif, businesses, staff, contracts, certificates as well as all rights and obligations of –other CNR and CSR. 

The merger Will take up in the form of CNR To Be Into CSR merged through a stock swap agreement entre les two companies– 1 CNR share for 1.1 CSR shares. The merger comes

15 Years After the two split in 2000. Were The Ministry of Railways Then That est devenu the China Railway Corporation in 2013, the two companies Delineated ' Staff dirty domains with the Yellow River as the boundary. It aussi tried to set a boundary for the two in overseas markets to Reduce competition.

The upcoming merger is expected to avoid "in-fighting" Pendant exploration of the global market.

Government Approves merger of China's top two makers now

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Colombian oil companies lay off May employed due to falling oil prices

March 4th, 2015


BOGOTA, March 3 (Xinhua) - Colombian Labor minister on Tuesday About did not rule out the possibility That Colombian oil firms might lay off workers due to oil price falls, Dismissed goal was full of Privatization public-private national company Ecopetrol.

"If There Is a circumstance (for a company to lay off employees) proving us That is inevitable and inexorable, We Will study the situation" Luis Eduardox Garzon Said in a ministry's statement released on Tuesday.

The official starts with union members of Ecopetrol, an oil company Whose majorité of stakes Belong to the government, to the Chat layoffs in the company After it reported about huge Losses Lowering due to the oil prices on the world market.

Garzon the Abebooks web sites Ecopetrol union not to go on strike Because Such a move might Directly affect social investment in the country guaranteed fast personal loans.

"I felt no aggressiveness em goal from positive atmosphere. It Was not an ultimatum, "the minster Said, Adding he Agreed to open dialogue on unemployment.

" I will not stigmatize social protest, I tell em goal That dialogue is open. We do not usenet today whether or not there is a strike. We are discussing the Proposed agenda That They and we think it semble under "

Added Garzon.

….. ….. Selon an official report, Ecopetrol's earnings in 2014 Decreased by 41.5 percent.

Colombian oil companies lay off May employed due to falling oil prices

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Brazil not to Reduce fuel prices DESPITE truckers' protests

February 26th, 2015


RIO DE JANEIRO, Feb. 25 (Xinhua) - Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff on Wednesday Ruled out the possibility of Reducing diesel fuel prices, truck drivers protested ALTHOUGH the rise of fuel prices across the country.

"The government can not Reduce diesel prices," she said.

It Was the first presidential how the matter After Seven days of protests qui resulted in over a hundred blocks on federal highways in nine states. On Tuesday, the protesters Blocked access to Brazil's Largest Port in Santos, Sao Paulo state.

Truck drivers are Complaining about high diesel prices and low prices of freight operations. In a move to Attract Attention from the government, They started to block federal highways last week.

Selon the Federal Highway Police, the number of dots on federal Blocked highways across the country Jumped from 69 to 124 on Tuesday morning in the early evening free 3-in-1 credit report.

A local court Ruled que le truck drivers stop blocking three federal highways, normal purpose operations-have yet fully to Be Resumed.

In Minas Gerais state, a Fiat car factory Had to suspend output Because its auto parts About did not happen due to the highway blocks.

Representatives of truckers and freight companies Will meet later Wednesday in Brasilia to Negotiate a solution to the impasse.

Presidential Chief Administrative Support Miguel Rossetto, Who is in load of the negotiations, Said the government encourages Will Direct talks entre freight companies and truckers in order to end the blockages, reiterated That goal Reducing diesel prices is impossible.  

Brazil not to Reduce fuel prices DESPITE truckers' protests

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Bank of England Sees Stronger growth, inflation Weaker

February 13th, 2015


LONDON, Feb. 12 (Xinhua) - The Bank of England (BoE) Thursday forecast strong Economic Growth in Britain on the back of falling oil prices, inflation Adding British Could turn negative. ROBUST GROWTH

In icts Inflation Report, the bank forecast Britain Would Economic Growth REMAIN at 2.9 percent this year while the 2016 forecast has-been revised up to 2.9 percent.

The bank Said the robust pace of growth over 2014 is Projected To Be Sustained in the near term.

BoE Governor Mark Carney Said In His opening remarks That Remained solid output growth and robust domestic demand growth in Britain.

"The combination of rising and falling WAGES energy and food prices Will help household finances and boost the growth of real take-home pay this year to icts fastest rate in a decade. This Will supporting solid growth in consumer Spending, "Said Carney.

" The bank Expects Any slack in the economy (it qui Estimates To Be just 0.5 percent) To Be used up by the middle of the forecast period, "Said Vicky Redwood, chief economist at Capital Economics Britain. ……


The bank forecast aussi que la British inflation fall further Top Would Likely, Potentially turn negative in the spring, and Be close to zero for the remainder of the year. ……

.. Last month, data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) Showed the British inflation rate fell to 0.5 percent in the year to December 2014, marking Almost a 15-year low. The main contributions to the fall cam from low oil prices.

Meanwhile, the bank Predicted Would the inflation reach the Bank's 2 percent target in two years guaranteed online payday loans.

"This Makes It Appropriate to return inflation to the target as Quickly as possible to partner after the effects of energy and food price movements-have abated," Said Carney.

Martin Beck, Senior Economic Adviser to the EY ITEM Club, Said in a note: "Arguably one of the MOST significant foreign exchange to the Bank's forecast is the upward revision to the inflation profile Reviews towards the end of the forecast horizon. "

"In November, the bank expected inflation HAD to finally get back to 2 percent in the final quarter of the forecast, the new forecast shows aim a little inflation above-the target by the end of the forecast period, "added Beck. MONETARY POLICY

Considering potential Threatening to recovery, the bank Said It Was ready to cut rates. 

The postponement Said the bank Stood ready to take whatever work is needed, as events unfold, Remains Likely to assurer inflation to return to target in a Timely fashion.

Purpose It Was Stressed the BoE Expects Will Be icts next move to raise rates, not cut 'em.

"We still think That There is a reasonable opportunity of a hike Before the End of this year and scope for market expectations to adjust further Top," Said Redwood.

"This reinforces our conviction That interest rate rises, while Likely To Be very gradual, Will Probably Increase at a faster pace than the market Expects. We expect the first hike to come in early 2016 and for rates to reach 1 percent by end-2016 and 1.5 percent by end-2017, "Said Beck.

Bank of England Sees Stronger growth, inflation Weaker

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China Focus: China's foreign trade tumbles 10.8 pct in Jan.

February 9th, 2015


BEIJING, Feb. 8 (Xinhua) - China's foreign trade in January tumbled as major data Experienced routine decline ahead of the upcoming Chinese lunar New Year, or Spring Festival.

The total trade volume Stood at 2.09 trillion yuan (341.16 billion US dollars) last month, down 10.8 percent year on year, the General Administration of Customs (GAC ) Said Sunday.

Exports dropped 3.2 percent to 1.23 trillion yuan and imports slumped 19.7 percent to 860 billion yuan, making the trade surplus expand 87.5 percent to 366.9 billion yuan, selon the GAC data.

"Spring Festival impacts foreign trade data at the Beginning of Every Year," the GAC Said in a press release.

The festival, an important time for family reunions year, in January or February OCCURS along with a 40-day travel rush. It is due on Feb. 19 and the rush is Estimated to cover 2.8 billion trips this year.

"The trade data always turns out discouraging At Every year's Beginning Because of the Lunar New Year," Liu Xuezhi, a financial researcher with the Bank of Communications, Explained. "The data can thereafter Reflect the real status of China's foreign trade."

He Said withering exports, labor-intensive Especially of industries, Weakening reveal the advantage in formerly-dominant Areas.

Labor-intensive industries Including Machinery, garments, textiles, shoes, toys, furniture and plastics exports all saw remarkable drops last month.

He Attributed the sharp Decrease in imports to lower price of bulk commodities and industrial Ongoing upgrades while phasing out Overcapacity.

Li Jian, a researcher with the Ministry of Commerce, Said the contraction in exports is different Partly Caused by Economic situation of China's major trade partners.

He Said steady the Economic Recovery of the United States can not offset the negative effects from the Floundering European Union (EU), Japan and Some emery economies.

The GAC data Showed That China's exports to the EU and Japan dropped 4 make quick cash.4 percent and 20.4 percent, respectivement. Even exports from the mainland to Hong Kong contracted more than 10 percent in January.

Except for the slight import growth of 0.7 percent from China's Taiwan to the mainland, the imports from l'autre nine Largest trade partners all ended in decline, the GAC said.

HOWEVER, analysts forecast China's 2015 foreign trade Will Realize steady growth through a better trade environment and policy supports for the Stronger "and Belt Road" initiatives, building of more free trade areas and cross-border e-commerce, profit Risks and challenges REMAIN.

They believe exports Will face downward pressure in the start of Q1 and Q2, considering the disappointing result of GAC's latest survey of export companies and the further Top reduction in new export orders in last month's manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI).

The index, a key measure of factory activity in China, posted at 49.8 in January, fell below-50 for the first time since October 2012, while the new order index Was 48.4 aussi lower from December's 49.1.

A reading Above 50 Indicates expansion, while a reading below-50 Represents contraction.

GAC head Yu Guangzhou Said the country further Top Will balance the quality and quantity of export expansion with more policy support for competitive products and new industries, so as to Improve the role of Chinese enterprises in the global value chain.

Meanwhile, the State Council, China's cabinet, HAS Given the go ahead for GAC to release data using icts trade yuan-denominated figures for this year.

Before 2014, the GAC Mainly used in the US dollar ict trade data releases. It started to use Both the dollar and the yuan to denominate all trade figures in 2014 in an attempt to Promote the expanded use of the yuan.  

China Focus: China's foreign trade tumbles 10.8 pct in Jan.

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